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The Training123 team has over 60 years of combined experience in the security, compliance and risk management environments.  With highly qualified staff and practical industry experience, we deliver the only course accredited by the Jewellery Association of Australia to prevent and minimise the impact of Armed Robbery.

Using the latest technology and online training techniques, our interactive courses are designed to capture student’s attention and maximise knowledge retention.

There are short tests throughout the training program to reinforce the participant's understanding and to give them a guide as to how they are progressing.  At the end of the training program the participants are required to complete an assessment.  This is tracked on our Learning Management System and reported on a monthly or on an at needs basis.

     √    Accredited by the Jewellery Association on Australia

     √    Interactive and Engaging

     √    Developed by Industry Experts

     √     Provides a Safe Working Environment

 Our popular Armed Hold-up and Robbery Prevention course is designed to assist people working in the jewellery industry and to provide them with skills and knowledge in the event of an armed robbery. 



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